Make Sure Children Are Supported to Deal With Grief & Loss

Make sure children are supported to deal with grief and loss

The recent news about a child being stabbed in Aberdeen must make us all fear for the safety of children. Whether they are at school, on the bus or just out and about - you just don’t know what will happen to them and cannot protect them all the time.
At Severn Intervention Services one of the first thoughts that also struck me was feeling for the children that knew the young man.

How do you help a child deal with something like that?

The Helping Children Deal With Loss programme is currently being undertaken worldwide by psychotherapists, counsellors, school staff and parents in order to support children deal correctly with loss and grief. This programme is based on the highly successful Grief Recovery Method® which has helped tens of thousands of people and is now available here in Shropshire.

Hearing about this latest tragedy has driven me to help even more children by offering the programme to parents at minimum cost, so they can support their children correctly at times of loss. Grief and loss affects all of us and in some cases can have a lifelong negative impact if not dealt with correctly at the time.

I am looking to partner with charities or groups to bid for funding so that more parents can access the programme and learn the correct skills to support their children experiencing loss and change, especially as a result of bereavement or parent separation.

There are so many excellent charities such as Relate, Homestart, PODS (Parents Opening Doors) Comic Relief, Save the Children etc that work with professionals or parents who would benefit from training to help support children who suffer loss. Other professionals such as solicitors, police, funeral directors….. to name but a few, could also benefit from undertaking training to correctly support bereaved adults and children.

I have had excellent feedback from school staff and educational professionals who have undertaken this programme and through such a partnership I’m hoping to equip more professionals and parents with the correct tools to support children in their care.

I can come into work places or can hold group or individual sessions in Shrewsbury and at the Glebe Centre in Wellington, Telford.
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