April 2016

Coping With Pet Loss

It’s just over a week since the death of my dog, Peggy, a funny, adorable, cheeky, Cavalier King Charles.  I’d had her from a puppy when my late husband and I chose her together.   We both felt that she was more than a pet to us, as we’d not had children together.   My relationship with her had become even more special when my husband died, 5 years ...  Read more
November 2015

Make Sure Children Are Supported to Deal With Grief & Loss

Make sure children are supported to deal with grief and loss The recent news about a child being stabbed in Aberdeen must make us all fear for the safety of children. Whether they are at school, on the bus or just out and about - you just don’t know what will happen to them and cannot protect them all the time. At Severn Intervention Services one of the first thoughts that also struck me ...  Read more
October 2015

Talking to Children about Loss

Do go first.  As the adult you’re the leader. Do tell the truth about how you feel. Telling the truth about your own grief and about how you feel will establish a tone of trust and make your child feel safe in opening up about his or her own feelings. Do recognise that grief is emotional, not intellectual and that sad or scared feelings are normal. Avoid the trap of asking your child ...  Read more